Inclusion and diversity

What does inclusion mean to us? Understanding the potential every person at BKL has to make a difference; helping them change things for the better. We empower every team member to find their place and identify opportunities where they can help to move our firm forward. When different groups with different skills explore different challenges, our team grows and so does our business – which means our clients benefit as well.

Being BKL means being inclusive. In May 2022, we explored what that means in practice with a collection of new interviews and other features. You can find them on this page.

One way to improve inclusion is to understand exclusion: the biases and preconceptions that stop us from knowing and appreciating each other. Our team explored this in our video for National Inclusion Week 2020.


What does diversity mean to us? It may be represented by people, but it develops through their experiences and ideas. That’s why we welcome difference and work hard to include the distinct experiences and expertise that each person brings to BKL.

BKL is proud of its inclusive culture and of its people’s diversity. We recognise that there is work needed to widen the diversity of our partners and more senior levels so that the firm and our culture can benefit from a wider range of perspectives and innovation.

BKL has achieved a ‘Committed to Inclusion’ accreditation through Inclusive Employers. We invested in an inclusion programme for our partners, as well as unconscious bias training for everyone at BKL.

In achieving B Corp certification in 2022, we were proud to earn an Impact Business Model during the assessment process in recognition of our focus on developing our employees. An IBM is a rare achievement among B Corps.

Our senior-level and firmwide groups for inclusion & wellbeing define and drive forward initiatives to ensure everyone at BKL is involved in developing a culture that is welcoming, fair and equitable to all.

We’re proud be a partner of social mobility charity LTSB. In this video, five colleagues who joined BKL as LTSB apprentices share their experiences.

The more diverse and inclusive we are, the better we become. We’re proud to be working with Inclusive Employers to make sure that whatever our people’s backgrounds, they feel a sense of belonging and a desire to get involved in the life of BKL.

Learn more about our approach to diversity and inclusion in our 2023 impact report.

A snapshot of BKL’s diversity: 2023

Understanding those who choose to work with us, and ensuring that we create an environment that works for all, is a pivotal focus of who we are at BKL. The 2023 ICAEW Probate Diversity Survey represented an excellent opportunity for us as employers to better understand our people, and enable us to continue the work we already undertake in the fields of diversity and inclusion.

Receiving an 82% response rate, we are confident that the results of this survey accurately represent the wide-ranging diversity within our colleagues, and we are grateful for their input.

The key points we have learnt:

  • Over 30% of our team are from non-white ethnic backgrounds.
  • Our gender-balance currently is weighted towards having more male or male-identifying employees (56%)
  • 63% are under 45, with 43% being under 35.
  • 33% were the first generation in their family to go to university.
  • “No religion” constitutes the largest group when questioned on their faith.

We also recognise that between 3-7% of respondents selected “prefer not to say” on any given question. This represents an opportunity for us to create an even more inclusive culture where all our people feel comfortable sharing the many facets of their diversity.

Find out more in our ICAEW Probate Survey results for 2023.

Our diversity & inclusion strategy and action plan

Our vision is to set the standard in our field for diversity & inclusion (D&I), engagement and talent development. BKL values and strategy are rooted in the commitment to strengthen and develop our business’ inclusive and collaborative culture: one where our people, future colleagues and clients are treated fairly and with respect.

We want all our people to love working at BKL: an environment that thrives on talent and hard work irrespective of background, belief, disability, ethnicity or gender. There is a proven correlation between organisational performance and having a diverse and inclusive workplace. Consequently, our clients will receive the highest quality service, and everyone benefits.

We want to take action to make sure our business benefits from the widest range of talent possible and that these colleagues can benefit from our friendly, supportive and progressive culture.

In February 2022, we took the step of publishing our D&I strategy and action plan here on our website, for transparency not just among our people but beyond BKL too.

Our plan covers three areas: talent; inclusion; engagement and values.


Our aims

  • We will broaden the socioeconomic background, disability, ethnicity, LGBTQ+ and gender profile of our leadership, based on talent and ability with a resultant expansion of our business reach both in terms of services and client communities.
  • By 2025 we will reduce our ethnicity and gender pay gaps by 50%.

How we’re achieving this

  • Everyone will benefit from balanced/timely feedback and clear targets to ensure everyone has the best possible chance of maximising their potential.
  • Service leaders will be held accountable for the development/retention of their team members.
  • Where there is a need to go to market, all recruitment will be conducted through fair and objective processes. Positive action, based on talent and ability, may be taken to improve the diversity of the business’ leadership.
  • Any potential mergers or acquisitions will be with businesses committed to our vision, values, D&I and business strategy.
  • Promotion opportunities will be advertised internally; all suitable candidates will go through a fair process.
  • We will share our progress both internally and externally to demonstrate our commitment to fairness.
  • Work experience and other opportunities will always be offered under a fair and open process.
  • Everyone at BKL who has the ability, aspiration and engagement will be given support to reach management and ultimately partner level.
  • BKL will work with charities such as LTSB to expand the range of our people’s socioeconomic backgrounds.

Our aims

  • Our leadership will continue to learn about D&I and will grow our inclusive culture throughout the business.
  • We will achieve gold accreditation under the Inclusive Employers Standard by 2025.
  • Inclusion will be woven into all BKL’s routine practices and processes.

How we’re achieving this

  • The Executive Committee will drive forward inclusion-related initiatives and regularly review and amend them based on relevant statistics.
  • Mosaic – our ESG forum – is responsible for helping BKL’s leadership to put its strategy into action. Candidates interested in serving on the forum will be interviewed and selected based on their commitment to and understanding of the role.
  • BKL will seek out internal or external role models for our people and offer mentors to those who want or need them.
  • Learning opportunities will be offered to all our people via our membership of Inclusive Employers and other training providers.
Engagement and values

Our aims

  • By 2025 we will score within the top 5% of professional services firms for employee engagement.
  • Turnover will remain as close as possible to a business-appropriate 10% per annum.
  • Everyone within BKL will live by our shared values.

How we’re achieving this

  • Our people will be empowered by our business strategy to drive and shape our business’ culture of respect and to embody and champion this every day.
  • Our leaders will always exemplify BKL’s values and challenge each other when this is not happening.
  • Our leaders will ensure that meetings are a safe space for all to contribute and feel included.
  • Our people will be coached and encouraged to challenge behaviour that is not conducive to a culture of respect.
  • The importance of professional and respectful behaviour will be heightened through these being set as a prerequisite for promotion and a focus of contribution reviews.

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