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Trusts are versatile, varied, and very often highly complex.

Each trust brings its own specific challenges, among them tax implications. The right advisers are crucial in supporting settlors, beneficiaries and trustees to navigate the complexities.

We have a dedicated trust team, acting for hundreds of trusts, bringing considerable experience to each one. Like our wider tax consultancy team, our clients often include other tax and legal professionals looking for solutions to their own clients’ complex trust problems.

Our specialists focus on what is relevant, building an understanding of each trust’s unique circumstances, exploring ideas and solutions. By providing bespoke support, we enable your trust to support settlors, trustees and beneficiaries as effectively as possible.

Our trust experts work closely with BKL’s other tax consultants and private client specialists to provide a comprehensive service that covers inheritance tax (IHT), capital gains tax (CGT) and other areas that are integral to succession and estate planning.

Lindsay House

Director of Trusts

T +44 (0)20 8922 9363

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BKL’s services for trusts include:

Trust tax compliance

  • Preparation of self-assessment returns for trusts and estates
  • Preparation of IHT returns for ten-year anniversaries and exit charges
  • Registration of trusts on HMRC’s Trust Registration Service

Consultancy advice on trusts

  • IHT planning for high net worth individuals
  • Offshore trust structures
  • Capital gains tax planning

Other services

  • General trust administration
  • Accounting services

Our trust review service

If you’ve recently taken over responsibility for a long-established trust, either as a trustee or a professional adviser, you may be facing unfamiliar challenges.

Perhaps the trust deed is badly written and difficult to understand. It could be that previous advisers haven’t fully passed on their knowledge of the trust’s particular complexities.

To support you in your understanding of the trust, we offer a review service. By giving your trust a complete “health check”, and exploring its unique circumstances, we are able to give you focused, bespoke guidance – helping to ensure that the trust is as tax-efficient as possible and meeting the family’s particular requirements.

For more information or help from one of our trust specialists, please get in touch using our enquiry form.