Client satisfaction survey

Clients of BKL have consistently given the firm positive feedback in a customer satisfaction survey.

Overall, 86 percent of those who responded did not believe that the way in which the BKL team worked with them could be improved.

Exactly two-fifths of the clients surveyed had come to the firm following a recommendation, and 63 percent of those who had had an opportunity to refer a client to BKL had done so.

Just over half (54 percent) had moved to BKL from another firm of accountants; of those 42 percent had changed due to not being satisfied with the previous firm, while a tenth had switched due to their location. More than a quarter (26 percent) of those who changed to BKL did so because the firm offered value for money.

Overall, 77 percent of clients did not consider any other firm before choosing BKL.

Using a scoring system in which one represented poor and five excellent, BKL received an average mark of 4.4 for the efficiency with which work was dealt with and 4.7 for the competence within the firm’s team.

Clients also gave the firm high marks for the way in which it dealt with telephone calls, giving an average mark of 4.6 for the courtesy with which the phone was answered at BKL and 4.5 for the efficiency with which calls were responded to.

Over a third (37 percent) of the clients surveyed said that BKL played a part in helping to protect and develop their business, while nearly two-thirds (63 percent) of those who felt they didn’t assist in this area said there was nothing more that the firm could do to help.

Using the same scoring system as earlier, BKL received an average mark of 4.0 for the value for money provided by the firm and 4.7 for how well they kept clients informed of changes in legislation.

Comments from clients described the firm as “friendly, highly efficient and thoughtful”, “exemplary and courteous in every way” and comprised of “highly competent partners who gave no frills advice”.

Other clients stated that their relationship was down to the individual they worked with. Comments described the “pragmatic approach” and “practical and worthwhile attitude” of the partners.

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