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“Highly professional and knowledgeable service”

“We have been very impressed with the highly professional and knowledgeable service provided by BKL. The team provided us with specialist advice and valuable support through our HMRC PAYE inspection.  We would not hesitate to recommend the services of BKL to others.”

“Beneficial results with a minimum of fuss in a manageable timescale”

“I recommended a client to Doug at BKL, who was facing a very serious potential claim from HMRC. Despite technical complications, Doug and his team steered us through the intricacies of the LDF in plain talk. He guided us on the appropriate computations and expertly delivered the expected (and indeed beneficial) result with a minimum of fuss and in a manageable timescale. We can’t praise Doug highly enough.”

“In-depth knowledge and understanding of complex tax legislation”

“Our family would like to both thank and endorse BKL to anyone who has to face an HMRC investigation. Their professional conduct coupled with an in-depth knowledge and understanding of complex tax legislation meant that an extremely difficult investigation was handled in the best manner possible. Doug and his team maintained a proactive and positive approach in dealing with every aspect of the case and were always there to allay any fears or questions we had. We would not hesitate to recommend BKL and were fortunate that we were advised to contact them by an associate of ours. ”

“Thorough, professional and friendly”

“We’d like to say a big thank you to BKL for helping us with our case. They were thorough from start to finish and acted in the utmost professional and friendly manner throughout our case. Doug and his team certainly have the knowledge and expertise in the tax field and it gave us confidence we were in good hands. I would highly recommend BKL to anyone.”

“An expert in all matters where you have to do battle with the tax man”

“I approached Doug Sinclair of BKL after having received a Code of Practice 9 Investigation from HMRC. His methodical approach in resolving easier matters first, ensured that momentum was maintained during the course of the investigation. Doug’s experience in handling assessments and subsequent appeals was first class and a tax demand for over £1m together with an associated penalty was quashed before reaching the Tax Tribunal. I would highly recommend Doug as an expert in all matters where you have to do battle with the tax man.”

“A firm of integrity and professional excellence”

“For dealing with our family and corporate tax affairs we found BKL staff to be highly professional and understanding. Our dealings with HMRC were conducted positively and in a friendly manner and all matters were concluded to the satisfaction of all parties. We would have no hesitation in recommending BKL as a firm of integrity and professional excellence”.

“Professional, thorough and efficient”

“I am so grateful that I met up with Doug all those years ago. He has provided me with guidance and support on a number of occasions in respect of tax enquiries and most recently in applying under the Liechtenstein Disclosure Facility (LDF). Doug is very professional, thorough and efficient and on the occasion of referrals to him I also know I made the right decision.”

“Strong contacts within HMRC”

“I worked with Doug Sinclair and his team at BKL for about a year regarding a family member’s disclosure of overseas assets.  The situation at hand was very complex involving multiple entities and asset groups originally established by someone now deceased.  As soon as Doug joined the team of advisors involved, he brought a pragmatic approach that displayed a deep knowledge of the disclosure requirements and the important issues to be resolved.  Thereafter, his strong contacts within HMRC and his sense of the right amount of detail to be included in the disclosure enabled him to guide us down a path that ultimately ensured a clean settlement in a timely manner.  Doug and his team were responsive and supportive throughout what was otherwise a difficult and stressful experience.”

“Considered, pragmatic and agreeable”

“When faced with a particularly difficult enquiry, it had quickly become evident that we required assistance from a seasoned tax investigations expert. Having successfully worked with Doug in the past, we felt comfortable in approaching him with the nature of the case and following his lead with a proposed plan of action. As ever, Doug’s approach was considered, pragmatic and agreeable by both HM Revenue & Customs as well as our client. We were pleased to conclude the enquiry with a favourable outcome and would absolutely seek his expertise again in the future.”

“A truly genuine and very sincere human being”

“Since my first meeting with Doug, and his subsequent appointment to coordinate and manage my tax affairs with HMRC, I wish to express my extreme gratitude and thanks to him for the service that he has provided, and the way in which he continues to deliver this. I have found him to be a true professional, dealing with my situation quickly, effectively and very constructively. Not only has he supported me from a professional point of view, this has also regularly been extended to me personally. Doug is an excellent communicator; throughout our dealings together the communications between us have played a very significant part in being able to move things forward. I have built a huge respect for Doug, and unequivocally trust his judgement and abilities; something that unfortunately can rarely be said about others. This has manifested itself through his immediate understanding and ability to interpret my personal situation; his detailed knowledge and support are something that I have relied upon and continue to do so. In short, it is a pleasure to work with someone who displays the level of professionalism, understanding, commitment and support that Doug does; a truly genuine and very sincere human being.”

“We felt comforted and reassured”

“Doug & his Tax team at BKL are totally reassuring for the small business owner. The advice was second to none, informative, knowledgeable and up to date. All conversations were delivered in an approachable relaxed style giving us confidence to make the right decisions. As end users we felt comforted and reassured. All proceedings were conducted efficiently, deadlines met, timescales realistic and phone calls returned timely to help manage any anxieties we had. We wholeheartedly support Doug & his team & 100% recommend them.”

“The know-how, the experience, foresight and the strategy to deal with HMRC”

“As an SME, we tried to steer towards seeking a resolution with HMRC ourselves, without the involvement of a tax specialist. However, the more we co-operated with HMRC, the more HMRC appeared to leverage on this co-operation to identify wrongdoings. Nothing can be more distressful than being in a middle of an HMRC investigation. In hindsight, we should have appointed an expert like BKL earlier. Had we done so, I believe, that much time and distress could have been saved. BKL provided the know-how, the experience, foresight and most importantly the strategy to deal with HMRC. Appointing them allowed us to breathe a sigh of relief, with them taking over the driver’s seat. Ultimately, BKL came to a very agreeable settlement for us with HMRC, which appeared so far off in the horizon prior to BKL’s appointment. We are very thankful for their work.”

“Professional and prompt”

“Having faced an unwelcome tax enquiry, I turned to BKL who dealt with my case professionally and promptly, with a happy ending. I definitely recommend their services to anybody facing the same dilemma.”

“A first class job”

“I was introduced to Doug and his team at BKL by my accountant who recommended his services in resolving difficult and complex tax investigations. In conjunction with my accountant, Doug quickly assessed the issues and recommended a course of action which ensured that he was controlling the direction of the case as opposed to HMRC. This was of tremendous value to myself and the company as it enabled me to concentrate on running the business, whilst Doug put together a strategy for resolving matters. I am extremely pleased to confirm that a potentially lengthy investigation into the affairs of myself, my company and also a fellow director were settled extremely quickly without any fuss. I take my hat off to Doug and his team for doing a first class job!”

“All cases had positive outcomes for my clients”

“Doug has assisted my firm in dealing with tax enquiry cases and all with positive outcomes for my clients – what more can I say.”

“Made what I thought might be a difficult process entirely straightforward”

“I found the dedicated team at BKL offered reassuring and competent advice on securing a successful application for the LDF. Always on hand to answer questions and guide me through the process, BKL achieved an excellent result and made what I thought might be a difficult process entirely straightforward.”

“Extensive experience and common sense approach”

“Doug Sinclair came to my rescue after my name turned up on a data CD, stolen from HSBC Offshore. There was nothing to hide yet we needed to come up with a strategy to make sure that HMRC saw it the same way. Doug’s extensive experience and common sense approach let alone his background as a former HMRC employee proved to be invaluable in achieving our goal. It was with great relief when I received the “all clear, no further questions” from HMRC. I would recommend Doug and BKL to anyone faced with an investigation or other tax matters which require specialist attention.”

“A fast and cost effective strategy”

“My existing accountant recommended Doug Sinclair of BKL to help me with disclosing unreported bank interest from an account I held in Switzerland. Doug quickly established all the relevant facts pertaining to my circumstances and advised that a fast and cost effective strategy would be to make a disclosure under the LDF. Doug worked with my existing accountant to submit a detailed report which was accepted without any further queries being raised. I would like to thank Doug for everything he has done and I would recommend him to others who are in a similar situation.”

“Extremely comprehensive knowledge”

“During a difficult time we found BKL, and Doug Sinclair in particular, of great assistance. Their knowledge of tax affairs and systems was found to be extremely comprehensive and they guided us through the situation efficiently and effectively. We would not hesitate to recommend BKL to anyone who requires tax advice or assistance. We thank them for helping us during our time of need.”

“Advice that was well reasoned, clearly communicated, astute and practical”

“An issue related to overseas earnings of many years ago meant that I had to respond to an HMRC enquiry. What seemed like a relatively straightforward matter quickly became complicated, and to give HMRC its due, they did suggest that professional advice may be useful to me. Through contacts in the accounting profession I engaged Doug Sinclair, Director of Tax Investigations at BKL. I was immediately impressed. It soon became clear that the complexity of tax regulations and case history was a minefield for the uninitiated. Doug Sinclair demonstrated an exceptional level of professional knowledge and experience. His advice was well reasoned, clearly communicated, astute and practical. He led me through a labyrinth of procedures and legalities resulting in an outcome that I could never have achieved without him.”

“Friendly and professional manner”

“Right from my first meeting, Doug and his team dealt with my disclosure in a very friendly and professional manner. The accounting was done accurately and with full knowledge what was required. No stone was left unturned to make a detailed report to HMRC. I thank them wholeheartedly for all the work they carried out for me. I strongly recommend anyone who wants to disclose, to come and see Doug and his team who have years of experience and knowledge in these affairs.”

“The whole process was fully and clearly explained”

“Many thanks for your efforts over the past year, and making what could have been a very difficult and stressful time for me a whole lot easier. From the first meeting, where the whole process was fully and clearly explained; through the subsequent stages, where I was kept fully informed; to the final result, which was better than I could have hoped for. I couldn’t find fault with the service and would have no hesitation in recommending BKL.”

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