HMRC campaigns and taskforces


HMRC has a series of campaigns which focus on a specific section of the taxpaying population. The aim is to encourage individuals within the groups to pay any underpaid tax.

As part of each campaign, HMRC seeks to obtain third party information. This is for cross-checking against the disclosure or pursuing individuals who do not come forward. Investigations can be conducted either along civil lines, by a local tax office or under Code of Practice 9 (COP9). In the most serious cases, HMRC can launch criminal investigations.

Campaign has differing terms. It is possible that only individuals within the targeted campaign can apply. Each campaign will have time limits for notifying your intention to take part, submitting the disclosure and payment of the tax.


As part of HMRC’s broader work to tackle tax evasion and avoidance, it has taskforce teams to focus on high risk sectors across the UK. HMRC has collected in excess of £156m since 2011 from 70 taskforces.

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    Our experienced team has successfully assisted numerous individuals who have a disclosure to make to HMRC. We can also assist if you have received notification of an investigation where you have not come forward as part of an HMRC campaign.

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