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Our litigation experience

Our litigation support team has real first hand experience of complex litigation.

Howard Graff, the Head of Litigation Support, has advised many claimants and defendants in complex cases and helped them to achieve successful outcomes from their litigation, including recently:

  • Two expert witness reports to the High Court for the estate of deceased man helping to identify and prove a substantial disputed debt from a related company – this case was won at summary judgement.
  • An expert witness report for a retail tenant who successfully defended a claim from their landlord for forfeiture of their valuable lease on a technical accounting matter; the tenant was later able to sell on the lease for its full value to a third party.
  • Advice on potential losses and support before and during mediation for a specialist construction services company who were able to reach a favourable settlement when they were a defendant in a multi-party, multi-million pound dispute over the technical failure of equipment built into a development with over 200 residences.
  • Advice, expert witness reports and support during negotiations to shareholders helping them to agree favourable settlements to their disputes, including minority shareholders bringing claims for unfair prejudice, majority shareholders facing such claims and 50:50 shareholders stuck in deadlock.

Howard has also been to the High Court as a claimant himself.  After 20 months of procedural hearings, document disclosure, witness statements and a long trial where he gave evidence for seven days, he achieved a successful outcome.

Daniel Shear, the Head of the Valuation Unit, values businesses and shareholdings in small and medium-sized companies.

His authoritative valuations have been used by the Courts and litigants as the basis for settling disputes between shareholders, the buyers and sellers of businesses, the beneficiaries of contentious wills and divorcing couples. He has also appeared in Court as an expert witness.

  • Numerous expert witness valuation reports to the Court for a variety of purposes including divorce, probate, shareholder disputes, claims under the under the Inheritance (Provision for Family and Dependants) Act 1975 and claims under the Insolvency Act 1986. A number of these reports resulted in Daniel providing oral expert witness testimony during the ensuing trials.
  • Advice and expert witness valuation report to a trading business claiming negligence from its previous legal advisers. Daniel’s role was to calculate the loss resulting from the alleged negligence. After exchange of the parties’ expert reports Daniel attended a meeting of experts following which a joint statement of experts was produced.  This resulted in the case being settled in favour of the claimant for virtually the entire amount being claimed.
  • Advice and attendance at mediation pursuant to various claims being pursued following the sale of a business.  Daniel spoke at length to the mediator together with the other side’s expert, and advised his client throughout the day, which resulted in an agreement satisfactory to both parties.

For more information or help from one of our consultants, please contact us using our enquiry form. You can also download our litigation support guide.