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Making Tax Digital

Litigation support for lawyers

Financial analysis and reports that are robust enough for court

When you are representing a client whose case involves complex financial, accounting or tax matters, you need advisers who are experts in litigation as well as in finance.

Whether your client is trying to reach a pre-action settlement or is engaged in formal litigation, our team can advise you on cases involving:

  • Accountancy and other financial matters, including those requiring forensic accounting
  • Divorce, where marital assets such as businesses or shares need to be valued
  • Commercial disputes where complex transactions need to be unpicked
  • Shareholder disputes requiring valuations and complex financial analysis
  • Disputes between business partners or joint venture partners where the financial aspects of agreements need to be evaluated
  • Tax negligence claims

Providing expert witness testimony

You can ask us to provide expert witness testimony in Court as a CPR Part 35 Expert or FPR Part 25 Expert on:

  • Accountancy matters covering the whole of UK GAAP
  • Share and business valuations
  • Tax negligence

Our team of Big 4-trained partners has experience of giving evidence in the High Court and being cross-examined over many days.

Giving advice as a partisan expert

Your client may need an in-depth analysis of the technical accounting or valuation issues involved in their case or want to query the opinions of the experts appointed by the other party to the litigation.

Our experts can assist with the financial, accounting and tax issues in their case.

We can also work with you to test the strategies that you and your client are considering.  This may be a cost-effective way of strengthening your case.

Valuing a business

When shareholders or the buyers and sellers of a business are in dispute, an authoritative valuation can reduce tensions between the different parties. It is often pivotal in deciding disputes.

Equally, an independent valuation may be helpful when a business or shareholding forms part of the marital assets of a divorcing couple or the disputed estate of a deceased person.

We can provide an authoritative valuation that can be presented to other interested parties or to the Court and informal advice on the likely valuation

Assisting in mediation

You can have expert financial analysis and advice while you negotiate on your client’s behalf when our experts attend formal mediation sessions with you.

Our experts have helped litigants to negotiate better settlements during mediation sessions in many tax, divorce and other cases involving financial matters.

Reviewing tax negligence claims

If your client feels that they’ve been badly advised on tax matters by an accountant or tax advisor, we have the expertise to assess the merits of their claim.

Or, if your client is an accountant who is facing a tax negligence claim, we can provide you with a valuable second opinion. Our tax specialists are regarded as authoritative. They write technical articles for UK tax journals, and provide tax advice to numerous other firms of accountants.

We will:

  • Review the original advice and evaluate whether it falls within the acceptable range given the circumstances
  • Identify what – if any – better or alternative advice could have been given
  • Quantify the loss in terms of the tax which could legitimately have been reduced

Armed with our review, you will be better able to assess the strength of your case and negotiate the best settlement that you can achieve. If you do have to go to Court, you’ll be able to make the most robust case possible.

For more information or help from one of our consultants, please contact us using our enquiry form. You can also download our litigation support guide.