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Litigation support for clients

Making your court case less of a trial by ordeal

The pressures of litigation are immense.  The huge costs and financial risks can make it difficult for you to think clearly, plan properly or even sleep at night.

That’s why you may find it helpful to talk to an unbiased professional, a BKL litigation support consultant – especially if you’ve never been involved in serious litigation before.

At BKL we can provide advice and expert reports to people involved in litigation, either as claimants or defendants. We have personal experience of taking a lengthy complex claim through the High Court.

Improving the likelihood of a successful outcome for you

We can help you if you are:

  • Considering litigation but haven’t yet issued your claim – by assessing the strength of the financial aspects of your case so you can make a rational, fully-informed decision about whether to issue your claim or not.
    • This is invaluable because once you have issued a claim, you can withdraw only if you are prepared to deal with the defendant’s costs.
    • If you do decide to progress your claim, we can help you select a legal team who will fight your corner effectively.
  • In the midst of litigation that you began – by assessing evidence, especially when the other side has issued their defence, disclosed documents or countered with a claim of their own.
  • Responding to a claim against you – by evaluating the merits of your case and the case against you. We can untangle complex commercial and financial issues and assist you and your lawyers in their legal analysis of financial matters.

In conjunction with your legal team, we can advise you throughout the whole process of a High Court claim – including the pre-action processes, the claim and counterclaim process, interim hearings and the trial itself, including cross-examination.

What you can expect

Explaining everything to a judge is a lengthy, stressful and expensive process.

Our litigation support team can help you to step back and assess whether you should settle or continue at each stage of the claim.

We’ll work with you and your lawyers to address such thorny issues as –

  • What are the potential costs?
  • What is the most likely outcome of a trial?
  • What are the risks?
  • What does the other side want?
  • What settlement terms are they likely to agree?
  • What offers and counter-offers might be made?
  • What would be the likely outcome of a trial?

Whether you go to Court or negotiate a settlement, our expert analysis, authoritative reports and valuations will help you to get the best outcome.

Supporting your legal team on financial matters

When your litigation involves disputes over financial accounting, asset values or tax, you’ll need expert advice and support.

We can help by:

  • Providing independent expert witness testimony in Court – on accountancy matters, tax matters and valuations of shares or businesses (as CPR Part 35 Experts)
  • Giving advice as a partisan expert – analysing opinions presented by the experts appointed by the other parties to litigation or testing the strategies that you and your lawyer are considering
  • Valuing a business – when a business is a disputed asset in a divorce or the estate of a deceased person; also, when disputes arise between shareholders or the buyers and sellers of a business
  • Assisting in mediation – attending formal mediation sessions with you and your legal team so you can have expert financial analysis and advice during your negotiations
  • Reviewing tax negligence claims – if you are making or facing a claim and need to evaluate the original tax advice and quantify any losses.  Our highly-rated tax team will conduct the review.

For more information or help from one of our consultants, please contact us using our enquiry form. You can also download our litigation support guide.