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For businesses to grow sustainably, stay competitive and do right by their people, a strategy that incorporates ESG (environmental, social and governance) factors is essential in a changing world.

The introduction of Sustainability Disclosure Requirements for certain large businesses in the UK shows the Government’s drive towards engaging businesses in combatting climate change and achieving a low-carbon economy. It also reflects the increasing public demand for companies of all sizes and sectors to show that they are making a positive difference.

A thoughtful, successful approach to ESG could be the deciding factor in how a potential new employee, client or investor judges your business. It could also make you more efficient and reduce your overheads.

With so many aspects of ESG to consider, guidance from experienced professionals can help you to build a business that meets today’s expectations and is ready for the future: a sustainable business in every sense. The sooner your business takes action, the more you have to gain.

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Detailed insights to support growth

Our consultants will help you to explore and analyse ESG within your organisation, using a framework that we’ve used ourselves at BKL:

  • Marketplace: improving your positive impact through your products and services, reputation and relationships
  • Workplace: enhancing your people’s lives through inclusion, wellbeing and other working practices
  • Environment: reducing your negative impact by considering waste, energy and carbon
  • Community: making a difference beyond your walls

By reviewing your business across these areas – using the same targeted, tailored approach we use to audit and advise businesses of all kinds – we’ll give you a clear picture of where you are now and help you to plan your next steps.

You’ll also get the benefit of our team’s own ESG experience, from working towards diversity & inclusion accreditation and applying for B Corp Certification to establishing our charitable foundation.

Our ESG services include:

  • General ESG consultancy
  • Carbon audit and reporting: helping you to plan for net zero
  • B Corp certification: how to apply
  • Charity formation

For more information about how we can help, please get in touch with your usual BKL contact or use our enquiry form.

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