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Cashflow forecasting, budgeting and business planning

Few businesses can survive without any budgeting or forecasting, which would be needed to evaluate the financial ramifications of almost any significant management decision.  Budgets are required to assist in deciding whether to incur any new cost, undertake a project, or start or cease a line of business.  If you’re fundraising you’ll also need a business plan which will include robust budgets underpinned by sound assumptions.

The economic challenges presented by coronavirus make creating or revising financial forecasts even more crucial.  This could be to assess the viability of your business as a going concern, to decide how many employees to furlough or to assist in an application to borrow under the Coronavirus Business Interruption Loan Scheme.

We have experience helping a range of businesses to plan, budget and forecast cashflow. Our services include:

  • Creating fully integrated budgets incorporating profit & loss, balance sheet and cashflow statements
  • Developing flexible forecasts allowing users to sensitise by amending assumptions
  • Generating weekly or monthly cashflow forecasts to see businesses through the coronavirus pandemic
  • Critiquing existing forecasts
  • Assisting you in compiling a business plan to support your fundraising efforts

For help with cashflow forecasting, budgeting and business planning, please contact us using our enquiry form to arrange a consultation with one of our corporate finance advisers.

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Partner, Corporate Finance

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