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Consultancy Services

Pragmatic, creative solutions that have lasting benefit

When you are leading a business, you need different support in different situations.

That’s why we offer three types of service:

  • A valued relationship – someone you can talk to who knows your business well but is not immersed in it
  • Intelligent advice – for achieving a goal or solving a problem
  • Big-picture strategic guidance – for the long-term direction and objectives of your business.

In every case, you’ll work with seasoned professionals with great track records who’ll help you analyse the issues and implement solutions.

A valued relationship

If you have ambitious targets for your business – such as high growth or recovery after a period of stagnation – an independent sounding board can be invaluable.

You can ask us to support you:

  • As non-executive members on your board – providing expert input for your key strategic decisions; particularly valuable to entrepreneurial businesses
  • With monthly or quarterly meetings – to review and plan your goals, finances and discuss current concerns
  • By talking things through with you when something’s on your mind – whether it’s a quick phone call, a coffee in a café or a more formal meeting 

Intelligent advice

You may have a specific issue in your business that you want to address.

It’s likely the issue is complex and multi-faceted.  Too often, that means you end up living with something you don’t like or putting off something you want to do.

This is when our experts can make a big difference.

We are skilled in working as cross-disciplinary teams to create pragmatic solutions for difficult problems.

You can ask us to help you achieve a goal, such as:

  • Raising finance
  • Recruiting, developing and motivating your people
  • Improving the efficiency of your systems and controls
  • Freeing up time and energy by better allocating your resources

You can ask us to help you solve a problem, such as:

  • Improving your tax efficiency
  • Restructuring defunct share ownership arrangements
  • Resolving difficult issues, such as grievance disputes, through mediation or running redundancy programmes
  • Supporting you during litigation if you are making or defending a claim about commercial, accounting or tax issues 

Big-picture strategic guidance

When you are considering the long-term direction and objectives of your business, external input can be invaluable.

Our consultants have decades of experience working with many organisations.  We know what works well and what doesn’t.

We can help you imagine, analyse and plan the future of your business.

We’ll focus you on the truly important issues, away from the distractions of today’s urgent but trivial matters.

You’ll get the guidance you need when you’re facing major challenges like:

  • Winning against new competition
  • Assessing new markets or products
  • Increasing profitability
  • Analysing whether your business structure is still fit for purpose
  • Re-energising your management team
  • Developing a succession plan
  • Creating a five year plan with milestones
  • Preparing your business for sale

As tax specialists, we will always consider the long-term tax implications of our advice and discuss them with you.  You can be confident that our recommendations will really work for your business.

Working with our specialists

You’ll work with a specialist team who has the business and financial experience you need. All our consultants have the commercial insight and robustness of advisers who work with many businesses every year.

You’ll get fresh insight and clear thinking from us.  Not consultancy gobbledegook.

We also offer a special advisory service specifically for rapidly-growing businesses – for high-growth businesses who want to develop a winning competitive strategy and superior returns.

We know professionals of almost every type because we’ve worked with so many businesses on a huge range of projects. They are all people with strong track records, highly rated by us.

For more information or help from one of our consultants, please contact us using our enquiry form.