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Making Tax Digital

Turn a statutory requirement...

...into a powerful management tool

Audit and Assurance

Audits that shape the future – as well as record the past

Audits have a reputation of just being a backward-looking statutory requirement; something that consumes your time but doesn’t add value to your organisation.

At BKL, that’s simply not the case.

Analysis and ideas you can use to improve your business

You’ll be assigned a team of specialists in your industry that will get right down to the fundamentals of your business.

Our audit will give you a  fresh and invaluable perspective on what’s working well and what’s not.  We’re able to assess your business using knowledge we’ve built up from working with many different organisations.

When we audit your business, you’ll get more than just statutory reports. Your audit will have:

  • Real impact on how your business performs– you can receive useful insights into your past performance that you can use to make your business stronger. We can also use our wider business knowledge to help generate fresh ideas so you can perform better now and plan better for the future.
  • Practical insights into your business’ strengths and weaknesses– you’ll receive some valuable feedback on your key systems, controls and risks in your business model, your susceptibility to fraud and how you can make your controls more robust.
  • Valuable advice about your tax position– we can prepare your tax returns at the same time as we work on your audit. Your return will be reviewed by our highly-rated tax team who can make recommendations to improve your tax efficiency as well as checking the numbers. Before your year end, we’ll talk to you about the audit, which gives us an opportunity to discuss your tax planning, optimise timings of major transactions and ensure you’re aware of tax opportunities.

As seasoned auditors, we know exactly what you need from us.  That’s why you’ll get:

  • Consideration during the audit– you’ll have the same team every year, as much as possible, so we retain our knowledge of your business. We’ll keep the same hours as you and work in the way that suits you best. If we find an issue, you’ll hear about it quickly so you have time to address it. We’ll work to a timetable so your audit is completed quickly with minimum disruption.
  • Support throughout the year, not just during the audit – before your year-end, we can meet to plan the audit and help identify tax opportunities. We’ll meet you at the beginning of the audit to kick things off and at the end to report our findings. At other times, we’ll stay in contact – whether it’s for a quick phone call, a coffee in a café or a more formal meeting.

Assurance reviews and voluntary audits

If your company is not required to have a statutory audit but you need or want it to provide comfort to other parties (banks, investors, grant providers etc.), then we can provide:

  • A review of your sales, purchases, payroll or VAT system
  • A specialist report to support a grant application
  • An assurance review of financial results for bonus calculations
  • A voluntary audit to meet contractual requirements with a key customer

We are driven to make sure you’re covered from all angles. It’s part of our mindset.

For more information or help from one of our specialists, please contact us using our enquiry form.