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Accounts and Assurance

When you’d like a professional review of your accounts – but you don’t need an audit

You’ll get exactly what you need from your accounts review and preparation with BKL.

If you simply need straightforward accounts, corporation tax and annual returns done, then that’s what we’ll do.

But, if you need to provide comfort to other parties (e.g. banks, investors or grant providers), or even have some concerns of your own, we can do much more – such as:

  • A review of your sales, purchases, payroll or VAT system
  • A specialist report to support a grant application
  • An assurance review of financial results for bonus calculations
  • A voluntary audit to meet contractual requirements with a key customer

Let us know what you need, who the interested parties are and your timescales and we can design a bespoke review to meet your precise requirements.

We split this into four services, and this is how they compare:

BKL Accounts Preparation and Assurance

Analysis and ideas you can use to improve your business

You’ll be assigned a team of specialists in your industry who will get right down to the fundamentals of your business.

You’ll get an external perspective on what’s working well and what isn’t. We’re able to assess your business using knowledge we’ve built up from working with many different organisations.

Our people are bright, pragmatic and experienced.  We see the inter-connectedness of all the different parts of your business – sales, VAT, corporation tax, stock control and debtors.

You’ll receive useful insights into your past performance that you can use to make your business stronger.

For more information or help from one of our audit specialists, please contact us using our enquiry form.