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Back office support

We understand that running a property portfolio doesn’t require a full accounts and back office team all the time.

But it is important to have a team of high calibre staff available to process transactions and prepare management accounts on time, helping you run the business.

We have a full outsourced property support team on hand to manage all the ongoing bookkeeping and management accounts requirements of your business.

Reviewing the work of managing agents

As part of the work we do for clients, we offer a specific service designed to give peace of mind over the rental portfolio management undertaken on behalf of your managing agents. This covers such items as: cash collection, managing fee % calculation, correct rental demands and approval of expenditure on properties. We will tailor our testing and adjust our sample sizes so you get the peace of mind you need that your agents are performing as you would expect.

This is great news for property investment companies and LLPs: it removes the unnecessary compliance burden of an audit, allowing owners of property portfolios to choose the areas where they would like some additional assurance over their property business – rather than the blunt stick of a statutory audit (e.g. reviewing the work of managing agents, checking loan interest charges, internal system reviews etc).

This is also good for us: it allows us to add value in a much more meaningful way, and provide a much higher level of service to our clients.

For more information or help from one of our property and real estate specialists, please contact us using the enquiry form below.