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Overseas investors

Specialist help & advice for overseas property investment

As an overseas investor into the UK property market, we understand that above all, you need to have confidence that your UK taxation affairs are being taken care of by experts.

We are familiar with all the complex tax and financing issues that arise in respect of non-UK resident investors in UK property. We manage the tax and accounting affairs of clients from the Far East, Europe and USA, to name but a few. These include high net worth individuals.

Historically overseas investors have enjoyed a very favourable tax regime for buying UK property.  From April 2019 overseas investors are taxed on UK property in much the same way as UK investors – however some benefits remain in particular for investors who already owned UK property at April 2019 or those who own UK commercial property.

Special (unfavourable) rules apply where a company  is buying an “expensive property” to use as a home for one or more of its shareholders or other connected persons. Expensive means  more than £500,000, so these rules apply to relatively modest properties.

Historically, it has generally been beneficial for overseas investors to invest in UK property through a non-UK company. This may not always be the case going forward although for commercial property, this may sometimes remain the case.

For existing owners of UK property, the rule changes mean that it may be advisable to review existing ownership structures which may no longer be the best structure going forward.

We can help you choose the appropriate structure to maximise your exemptions. For more information or help from one of our property and construction specialists, please contact us using our enquiry form.

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