Financial technology (fintech) can include any innovation in the way in which people transact business.

Traditionally this may have been confined to the back office of banks. But we’ve seen innovation break out into a variety of areas of personal and commercial finance.


Read our report exploring the future of e-money institutions (EMIs): growth opportunities, FCA’s changing approach to regulation and Brexit’s impact.

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    From learning applications that predict consumer behaviour, to the emergence of e-money and cryptocurrency, and the potential of blockchain, the possibilities seem endless. That’s why it’s crucial to choose advisers whose expertise can provide you with certainty.

    We offer accounting help for fintech companies and can provide the following services within fintech:

    • Tax planning and structuring
    • Tax compliance
    • Outsourced services
    • Audit, CASS assurance and accountancy

    We welcome fintech innovation within BKL too: in 2019 we became the first mid-sized accounting firm in the UK to accept fee payments in Bitcoin.

    We’re proud to be a member of CryptoUK, the self-regulatory trade association for the UK cryptoasset industry.

    As a member of Innovate Finance, we can connect clients to other FS experts across the sector who can support your business.

    For more fintech accounting advice or help from one of our fintech specialists, please contact us using our enquiry form.

    Find out more about our expertise in cryptocurrency accounting & tax, including videos, on this page.