Petra Deters

Director, Business Services and German Inward Investment

Expert in outsourcing, smart accounting and inward investment from Germany

T +44 (0)20 8922 9370
E Petra.Deters@bkl.co.uk

Expert in outsourcing, smart accounting and inward investment from Germany

T +44 (0)20 8922 9370
E Petra.Deters@bkl.co.uk

Petra provides advisory services to German inward investment businesses across a range of sectors.

Petra has looked after more than 800 international businesses and UK startups throughout her career, with a particular focus on companies from Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Her experience covers a wide range of industries from retail and construction engineering to professional services and technology.

Petra understands the catalogue of issues that face companies setting up in the UK. Together with BKL’s other specialist advisers, Petra ensures that these growing businesses receive practical advice and that smart accounting and administration systems are put in place. She ensures that clients have a high level of financial control over their remote business and receive a customer focused service.

After qualifying as an accountant in industry in Germany, Petra worked as a financial controller for a medium sized manufacturing company. Before joining BKL, she was a director at Blick Rothenberg Global Business Services and a key part of their German desk for over 16 years. BKL clients benefit from the experience Petra gained in general staff and practice management, business development, client relationship management and consulting.

Our inward investment services

  • Combines cultural and financial awareness to support German businesses setting up in the UK
  • Ensures clients a high level of financial control, efficient processes and customer focused services
  • Drives ongoing improvement within our Advance Business Services team

International speaking, mentoring and women's networking

Petra has been a speaker at international events in Germany, Austria and Switzerland on setting up in the UK.

As well as a Master’s level accreditation in Executive Coaching and Leadership Mentoring, Petra supports female entrepreneurs as part of the Virgin StartUp mentoring programme and young students as a business mentor in Race4Good.

Through BKL, Petra has had a leading role in establishing a women’s networking group that meets to discuss the specific challenges women face in the workplace and what individual contributions need to be better acknowledged. This has created a community of like-minded women who feel supported as they progress and thrive in their careers.

See Petra in our webinar on property VAT and CIS for investors: