Webinar: R&D tax relief update

/ 14 September 2023

Anthony Newgrosh

R&D tax relief for UK businesses has a history going back to April 2000. Recent changes to the schemes have been accompanied by an apparent shift in HMRC’s approach: a much tougher line on whether claims fall within its definition of research & development.

For anyone thinking about making an R&D tax relief claim, or advising on one, our webinar on Thursday 14 September was designed to bring you up to speed with these significant developments and future changes.

Anthony Newgrosh, our Head of Business Tax and an experienced specialist in R&D tax relief, discussed:

  • A brief history of R&D tax relief schemes
  • Recent changes: 2021 to 2023
  • Future changes
  • HMRC’s changing approach
  • How BKL can help

Read the webinar slides here

If you have any questions on aspects that we didn’t cover, you’re welcome to get in touch using our enquiry form. We’d be pleased to help.

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Anthony Newgrosh

Partner, Head of Business Tax

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