Webinar: Practice management with Karbon

BKL Advance cloud accounting business specialist Tom Li was a panellist at the webinar ‘How to successfully implement a new practice management system with Karbon’ on 26 May.

The webinar was run by App Advisory Plus. Tom’s fellow panellists included AAP’s Will Farnell and Karbon’s Rowan Van Tromp.

‘Practice Management is critical in enabling truly digital accounting and bookkeeping firms to deliver the kind of client experiences to set them apart from the competition.

  • Understand why practice management is critical to delivering world class client experiences
  • Learn how to identify when change is needed and get buy in
  • Understand the best practices for managing change when introducing a new system
  • Hear how two different accounting firms successfully implemented Karbon’

Our BKL Advance accounts and outsourcing specialists are experienced at helping businesses get the best out of technology. As well as providing the specialised software, we help with setup, training for your team and ongoing support. In providing that support, we can also connect you to fellow BKL Advance clients who are happy to share their experience with you. Find out more here.

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