Webinar: Disclosure Facilities, Settlements and Trusts

If you missed our tax webinar today on Disclosure Facilities, Settlements and Trusts, you can watch it here.

BKL’s tax team update you on:

  • The final countdown to HMRC’s Liechtenstein Disclosure Facility
  • HMRC’s strategy on Accelerated Payment Notices and their interaction with Settlement Opportunities

Furthermore, in a double header, Terry Jordan will enlighten listeners on IHT and trusts, taking us through the basics to the fundamental changes introduced in 2006. This will include the key differences between the following types of trust of their IHT treatment:

  • Transitional serial interests
  • Immediate post-death interests
  • Bereaved minors’ trusts
  • Relevant property trusts
  • Excluded property trusts

BKL tax partner Anthony Newgrosh is back as your redoubtable host.

You can find all our webinars on our YouTube channel.

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