Recruitment and employer brand: AGN report

/ 10 February 2022

As members of AGN International’s network of accountants and business advisers, we’re pleased to share this edition of Global Business Voice focusing on recruitment. It features a case study on BKL with contributions from our marketing and business development director Simon Bussell.

‘Practically speaking BKL has rebranded their Human Resources team as the ‘People’ team as they feel that better describes their style and employer brand. A strong theme of diversity and inclusion permeates the brand. Various internal policies have developed to ensure that BKL has a culture where everyone has a voice and feels they can contribute to the business. There is a credo that all are welcome who are willing to work hard and play a role that supports the wider BKL ‘family’. This emphasis has a powerful effect within the business: it creates an environment where everyone can be the best version of themselves, fosters a greater openness amongst staff, and means that the firms casts its net very wide when recruiting.’

Questions explored by this report include:

  • The challenge of recruiting high-quality staff
  • What firms are doing to tackle the problem
  • Employer brand: strategies for enhancing yours
  • Recruitment marketing: factors to get right
  • Case studies, including BKL and Qconcepts

Read the report here