Partnership Taxation 2018/19

/ 31 July 2018

David Whiscombe

Those of you who joined us for our partnership taxation webinar on 31 July will have heard the hosts refer to a new book, Partnership Taxation 2018/19. However, you may not have caught the name of the author.

Partnership Taxation 2018/19 was written by none other than David Whiscombe, our tax technical consultant. Published earlier in July by Bloomsbury Professional, it provides expert guidance on the planning points and pitfalls to be aware of when considering the taxation of partnerships, including LLPs. The book has a range of examples to illustrate the key points.

Partnership Taxation 2018/19 is available via the Bloomsbury Professional website.

Update: following our CGT webinar on 13 September, Bloomsbury Professional are very kindly offering a 20% discount on Partnership Taxation 2018/19 to our webinar listeners. Please use the discount code PT20 when ordering the book from the Bloomsbury Professional website. The discount code will expire on 14 November.

One of our tax partners, Geraint Jones, has also been involved in the writing of a specialist taxation book this year. Find out more here.

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David Whiscombe


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