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How good bookkeeping can support you through challenging times

In dealing with coronavirus and lockdown, many businesses have struggled and have had to rely on extra means of support;...

Petra Deters June 2020

VAT and Domestic Reverse Charge in the construction industry: deferred until 1 March 2021

In February 2019, we covered the Construction Services Domestic Reverse Charge (CSDRC) and the rules being introduced for VAT, based on the...

Simon Levine June 2020

The (Ver)milion-dollar question revisited: share options

Last year, we reported on a case in which the First-tier Tribunal (‘FTT’) surprisingly held that the exercise of a non-approved share...

Stephen Deutsch June 2020

Coronavirus survey: understanding the impact

As the coronavirus lockdown continues, so do the challenges it presents to people and businesses across all sectors, despite changes...

Lee Brook May 2020

You know what I mean: statutory construction

In construing legislation, the basic assumption is that the law means what it is says and says what it means. ...

Anthony Newgrosh May 2020

Taxpayer completes victory: VAT recovery on self-build

If you build your own home from scratch, you can make a claim to recover VAT on the cost of...

Simon Levine May 2020

Employment status of referees: HMRC lose second leg

The employment status of referees might not immediately strike one as the most exciting aspect of the professional game.  In...

Chris Smith May 2020

Local Authority Discretionary Grants Fund

Updated 1 June  In response to coronavirus, the UK Government has provided support for small businesses, and businesses in the...

Daniel Shear May 2020

Webinar and Q&A: Supporting businesses through coronavirus

Since our April 2020 webinar, the UK Government has continued to announce and clarify measures to protect against COVID-19’s economic...

Anthony Newgrosh, Daniel Shear, Chris Smith, Wendy Harpur May 2020

HMRC enquiries: just not cricket

If HMRC find that you have filed an incorrect tax return, there are probably two things that you want to...

Geraint Jones May 2020