New government analysis on Brexit

A new government report states that if Britain were to leave the EU, it would lead to a decade of uncertainty. David Whiscombe gives his thoughts via the UK200Group.


“We are nowadays inured to general election campaigns consisting largely of half-truths, low cunning and misrepresentation of the other side in an attempt to win at all costs. Maybe that doesn’t matter too much: we get the chance to change our mind ever four years so perhaps no lasting damage is done.

But this is not a general election; it’s an irreversible decision which will be the most important decision in a generation. Yet, in place of the clear honest and objective facts, which they need, voters are getting (from both sides) the kind of tendentiousness and duplicity that gets politicians a bad name; the government’s refusal to allow the other side access to the full facts held by government is particularly despicable. How can we make a sensible choice when no-one is telling us the truth?”


Further comment is available on the UK200Group website.