Miliband: Case for mansion tax getting stronger by the day

/ 30 January 2015

Ed Miliband has backed Jim Murphy’s plan to use the proceeds of a mansion tax in England to fund Scottish nurses, claiming that his case for the new levy is getting “stronger by the day”. He said that the “powerful, super-rich and famous” could afford to pay more, and attempted to justify his argument by wrongly claiming that a London home had been placed on the market for £300m this week. The Standard’s Peter Bill claims the tax is unworkable and will have to be abandoned, but is a “political masterstroke” and will capture hordes of votes. Meanwhile, experts say the slowdown in property price rises is a result of the threat of the mansion tax and buyers are taking a ‘wait and see’ approach.

Source: The Daily Telegraph Evening Standard Daily Mail

We say…
Perhaps he’s right. Perhaps the “powerful, super-rich and famous” could afford to pay more. But few of them live in houses worth just over £2m.