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Making our office COVID-19 secure

/ 6 July 2020

Lee Brook

Updated on 12 April 2021

From 29 June 2020, after three months of national lockdown, we were pleased to begin our gradual and safe return to BKL office life. From 21 December 2020, we paused our return in line with the new Tier 4 restrictions in London. We extended that pause in line with the national lockdown that started on 5 January. From 29 March, we were pleased to resume our return to the office, safely and gradually as before.

Based on the UK Government’s guidelines for assessing and minimising the risks involved, we’d like to share some details of the steps we have taken to ensure our workplace is COVID-19 secure.

Thinking about risk

  • We carried out a workshop, staff survey and risk assessment
  • Based on these, we developed an action plan for returning to the office safely
  • We shared the results of our staff survey and this action plan with all our staff, as part of our continual communications with them about coronavirus and the office

Who should go to work

  • We stated that anyone who had been identified as vulnerable would not be allowed to return to the office
  • We did not ask anyone who had been advised to stay at home, or who felt uncomfortable, to return to the office
  • We discouraged those who must use public transport from returning to the office
  • On arrival, before entering the working area, each member of staff will have their temperature taken using a contactless thermometer. Anyone with a high temperature will return home and arrange a COVID-19 test

Social distancing

  • To maintain social distancing at work wherever possible – including arrival, departure, workstations and common areas – we have communicated with all staff, prepared detailed plans and put up signage throughout the office

Clients and other visitors

  • To minimise avoidable visits, we are not currently allowing guests into the office and are not accepting any personal deliveries


  • Our office was deep-cleaned ahead of our return on 29 June 2020, and is cleaned at the end of each working day
  • To help prevent transmission of coronavirus, we have provided hand sanitisers and cleaning products throughout the office and made it clear to our staff what should be cleaned after contact
  • Post and other deliveries are handled only by specific staff

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and face coverings

  • We support our staff in using face coverings safely if they choose to wear them in the office. Our staff are aware that face coverings are mandatory on public transport, shops etc

Our people

  • To reduce the number of contacts each of our staff has at work, we limited the maximum number of people in the office
  • To avoid unnecessary travel, meetings with our clients etc have been via phone and video (Microsoft Teams). Teams has also been keeping our staff in touch with each other, since before lockdown: find out more here

We will update this page as government requirements change and our responses change accordingly. With a major refurbishment of our office having been completed for our 40th anniversary in 2020, we’re looking forward to being able to complete a safe return to the office, and for the opportunity to welcome visitors to our brand new meeting rooms when it is safe to do so.

For more information, please get in touch with your usual BKL contact or use our enquiry form.

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