FSB: Improving mobile phone coverage in Scotland a priority

‘Improving mobile phone coverage in Scotland, particularly in the north, must be a “national priority”, the Federation of Small Businesses (FSB) in Scotland says. Ofcom figures showed that 24% of Scotland’s landmass had no mobile signal, compared to 14% in Wales, 5% in Northern Ireland and 4% in England.

Source: The Press and Journal

No disrespect to the Scots or anything but the geography of Scotland is a bit different from that of England. It might well be that 24% of Scotland’s land mass has no signal, but a pretty decent proportion of Scotland’s land mass doesn’t have any people and the only kind of blackberries you’re likely to find in large swathes of the country are the kind you eat.

Likewise, on a lesser scale, for Wales: we’re sure it would be nice if you could pick up a phone signal in the middle of the Cambrians, but until four-legged sheep become as slavishly devoted to iPhones as we two-legged ones (ouch!), extending coverage might be regarded as something of a luxury. But it would mean that access to our famous app would be even more ubiquitous.

David Whiscombe


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