Britain refuses access to secret tax files

/ 5 November 2015

David Whiscombe

‘Britain has joined 12 other European countries in denying consent for documents detailing tax arrangements with multinationals to be shared with a committee of MEPs established in the wake of the LuxLeaks scandal. Other countries to resist include Belgium, Latvia, Estonia, Malta, the Netherlands and Spain.

Campaigners and politicians have written to the Guardian calling on the EC and EU members to “learn the lessons of LuxLeaks, finally put an end to multinationals’ tax dodging, and start working towards a fair system of company taxation.” The Treasury argued that keeping documents secret meant countries could have “open discussions on strengthening tax rules and on ensuring these are followed across the EU”.

Dame Margaret Hodge, former chair of the Commons public accounts committee, said: “I deeply regret the UK’s attitude.”

Source: The Guardian’

Blimey! I agree with St Margaret! Time I retired.

David Whiscombe


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