BKL launch probate service to complete their private client offering

BKL have launched their probate service to support the Executors and Administrators of deceased estates.

Geraint Jones, Head of BKL’s Private Client Team, commented:

“our clients want their families to receive the greatest benefit from their estates.  With our new probate service, BKL can now provide everything they need – from inheritance tax planning, writing the will, administering the estate to distributing payments to beneficiaries.

Our new probate service will reduce the burden on people who are administering complex estates at a time when they are likely to have little energy for financial administration.”

BKL is able to administer estates under Probate (when there is a valid will which names executors) or Letter of Administration (when there is not).

Clients can ask BKL just to handle the paperwork on their behalf.  Alternatively, they can appoint BKL as an Executor or Administrator and they will manage the whole process.

Our probate service page

Geraint Jones

Partner, Private Client Tax

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