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BKL in Accountancy Age

There’s a cliché about buses, about how they behave after a long wait, that has applied to us recently. Specifically, to articles from Accountancy Age last week that mention us. First, Calum Fuller wrote about a change, significant without being drastic, that we have planned for the coming months. In the world of film and TV, this would be known as a spoiler, so we won’t go into details here just yet.

That said, we’re pleased at what have been good initial reactions (if you’ll pardon the pun. If you won’t, we’re disappointed but let’s move on). Shortly after Calum’s exclusive, we got mentioned in a roundup of similar news in the Taking Stock column, who had also been kind enough to write about us back in May).

Just a day later, Accountancy Age published the shortlist for this year’s British Accountancy Awards, which we’re proud to say includes us as a nominee for Mid-tier Firm of the Year. It felt like Friday. In fact it was Friday by then, but it felt like a Super-Friday.

So those are the ‘three that came along at once’, but we’re glad to report that Accountancy Age haven’t finished with us yet. Look out for BKL as the subject of their Best Practice feature in the not-too-distant future.

Either side of the Accountancy Age triple, we were also fortunate enough to get name-checked in other corners of the press. After BKL’s Geraint Jones informed David Budworth of The Times about the HMRC v Kirkman case (see our briefing here), David kindly acknowledged this in his article of 29 August (which The Times’ subscribers can read in full here). Geraint also spoke to Nicole Blackmore of The Telegraph this month about the tax implications of eBay selling and other online trading, and that article is over here.

While we’d like to think we’re pretty newsworthy, it’s always good when others do too. To use another cliché, our ears were burning – three times over. Left ear, right ear and new frontier. We won’t ask you to pardon that one.

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