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Online accounts: how going paperless with HMRC can be perilous

David Whiscombe counsels caution in going paperless with HMRC. Pretty much every organisation nowadays encourages you to deal with it electronically…

Geraint Jones September 2018

Private client seminar: IHT planning

On Thursday 13 September, our tax experts took a look at the tricky details of inheritance tax (IHT) planning. Thank…

Geraint Jones, Terry Jordan, Lindsay House September 2018

Webinar: Further Aspects of Partnership Tax – CGT

At our tax webinar on Thursday 13 September, Anthony Newgrosh and David Whiscombe focused on the application of the capital…

Anthony Newgrosh, David Whiscombe September 2018

BKL on bikes: Vitesse Cycling Series

BKL is proud to be sponsoring the new Vitesse Cycling Series – and competing in the first event at Goodwood…

Andrew Diplock September 2018

Supporting brokers: BKL and The Broker Club

Our financial services team is pleased to be hosting an event exclusively for brokers, in collaboration with the Broker Club….

Jon Wedge September 2018

Every little helps: a tip for students claiming tax back

David Whiscombe shares a tip for students. No: this is not a reference to our London office’s proximity to one…

Geraint Jones September 2018

Use subcontractors? Their VAT is about to become your problem

Writing for Construction News, BKL tax adviser Raphael Suissa explains how major changes to the way HMRC collects VAT in…

Raphael Suissa September 2018

Financial services drinks reception at The Gherkin

Our financial services team is holding a get-together at The Gherkin next month and you’re welcome to come along. By…

Jon Wedge September 2018

Welcome to BKL: our new trainees

We enjoy welcoming new colleagues to BKL and this year we’ve had more opportunities than ever before. 12 new trainees…

Paul Hopkins September 2018

Invalid penalties again

David Whiscombe commends attention to detail. When a Tribunal finds in favour of a taxpayer because of a basic procedural…

Doug Sinclair September 2018