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Gaming and claiming: Video Games Tax Relief

Although HMRC has been accused of being somewhat behind the times when it comes to technology, it has been giving…

Anthony Newgrosh June 2018

Requirement to Correct and Failure to Correct: the new rules

Finance (No 2) Act 2017 introduced a new obligation for taxpayers to ensure that undeclared UK tax liabilities in respect…

Doug Sinclair June 2018

An averaging anniversary for farmers

2018 marks the 40th anniversary of the introduction of legislation in the 1978 Finance Act to enable farmers (including market…

Elfed Evans-Jones June 2018

Wills: a few words

Karl Tausch seems to have been a man of few words.  His will read simply “Vse zene” (which is apparently…

Terry Jordan June 2018

Property seminar: property trends and Brexit

We’re delighted to announce that Ian Marcus will be speaking at our property seminar and networking event on 27 June….

Myfanwy Neville, Jason Appel, Andrew Levene June 2018

Timeless (or not) truths: hived-up trading losses

One seems to discover on an alarmingly regular basis that truths which one has taken for granted for years turn…

Anthony Newgrosh June 2018

Join us at Cereals 2018

Join us at our drop-in tax surgery on 14 June Our farms and estates specialists will be at Cereals 2018,…

Richard Crane June 2018

Readers’ forum: Sister act

Writing for Taxation magazine, BKL tax adviser Terry Jordan responds to a reader’s query about tax considerations on a retirement…

Terry Jordan June 2018

What to be aware of when using cryptocurrencies in benefits

You may be among the increasing number of people taking Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies as benefits. For some, the potential…

Geraint Jones June 2018

Not simples: the ins and outs of IHT liability

The Daily Telegraph recently carried the cautionary tale of Mr Glyne Harris who had acted as administrator of the estate…

Terry Jordan May 2018