£18bn of UK-China deals include British SME investment

/ 18 June 2014

David Cameron and China’s premier, Li Keqiang are set to announce a raft of deals between the UK and China worth £18bn.

The deals include Chinese financial services group Nord Engine’s plans to invest £150m in British SMEs.

The company, which is planning to set up its first overseas operation in the UK by the end of the year, wants to target Britain’s fast-growing tech companies. The Government claims it will represent the first ever Chinese institutional investment for British SMEs.

Source: The Daily Telegraph

We Say: Rumour has it that a popular 1948 song by Frank Loesser originally had the lyrics “I’d like to get you on a raft of deals between the UK and China” until someone pointed out that “a slow boat to China” might make for a catchier mode of seaborne transport. Nevertheless, it’s exciting to read that British SMEs will be receiving £150m of Chinese investment, especially if some of it is paid in tea. We trust that sales of Confucius fridge magnets will rise appropriately.