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Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme Claim Form

To help you in submitting claims for furloughed staff under the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme (CJRS), we have designed a bespoke form that will assist your business in collating the relevant information for your claim.

This form is available as a spreadsheet. Created by our tax specialists, and updated to reflect the latest changes in CJRS, this spreadsheet calculates the grant to be claimed in most cases, and summarises the special circumstances for which it cannot be used.

To express an interest in receiving the form, please enter your details below and we will be in touch with you.

On 20 April, HMRC launched the portal where claims can be made. To reduce pressure on HMRC’s phone service, the portal is designed to be a self-serve function with guidance in place.

Update 2 July: CJRS closed to new entrants on Tuesday 30 June. Employees on statutory maternity/paternity leave and military reservists who return to work after 10 June may still be furloughed, but only if they work for an employer who has previously furloughed employees.

From July, CJRS has allowed flexible part-time working. CJRS will pay employee costs (up to the threshold) for the time they are furloughed, while employers will pay employees for the time they are working.

The percentage of wages paid by CJRS will change each month from July-October until the scheme closes on 31 October. Our CJRS page has details.

For any areas of your claim where you are uncertain, please get in touch with us for specific guidance.

Where agent authority is in place with HMRC for PAYE matters, agents will be able to make the claim on behalf of their clients. If agents or payroll bureaus are ‘file only agents’ i.e. file payroll with no HMRC authority, they will not be able to make the claim.

If we are not your agent then we can ask for authority from HMRC so that we can make claims on your behalf.

If you would like help with any other aspects of the CJRS, please get in touch with Chris Smith, our Director of Personal Tax Compliance.

We have more information about the scheme here.