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What it’s like to work here

Three things make working at BKL what it is: variety, expertise and togetherness.


We actively look to work with people and enterprises that think in new ways, explore new opportunities and change things for the better. We act as a catalyst of change for them. Our clients are entrepreneurs, owner mangers and high net worth individuals; they range from small sole traders to large organisations with turnovers approaching £100 million; from charities to partnerships, to corporate groups.

This kind of variety brings two outstanding benefits. Firstly, it keeps things fresh. We’re constantly confronted by the new. Secondly, we’re at the heart of the action. We build real, longer-term relationships with the people that are making key decisions. Because of the kind of consultancy we’ve become, we are in the privileged position of being able to play a role in their decisions.


We’re growing as a business with our clients. A large proportion of our turnover comes from established clients that have been with us for over ten years. Most new work comes to us through word of mouth. These things don’t happen by chance. We set and maintain extraordinarily high standards of excellence. If you join, we’ll be sharing our expertise with you. It goes beyond knowledge; it’s a way of thinking.


We place immense value on the power of the collective mind. Not only is working together more effective, it’s also more rewarding.

We continue to grow but many of our people have been with us for ten years or more. Two of those who made partner in recent years joined as trainees. We collaborate. We look out for each other. We work hard for each other. We share knowledge. We share values.

Ask members of the firm what they most like about working with us and the first thing that many will say is that it feels as much like a family as a business; people genuinely care, they take an interest.

Does this sound like you? Please drop us a line at:

Meta Versluys, Human Resources

BKL, 35 Ballards Lane, London N3 1XW