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My Story


Nicola joined BKL in 2017 with over 20 years’ experience in tax. Focusing on private client and personal tax compliance, as well as supporting junior colleagues’ development, Nicola earned two promotions in 2018 and is now a tax manager.

Finding my way here

Having worked in larger and smaller firms, I was interested in the challenges and opportunities of a medium sized accountancy firm with an excellent personal tax team, where I could build on my experience of dealing with different types of clients. BKL ticks all these boxes.

  • Joined in 2017
  • Specialises in personal tax and private client work
  • Promoted to tax manager in 2018

Challenges and success

I was challenged, but also supported, from the start. A few months after I joined BKL, my manager took extended leave for health reasons and I took on his work, alongside my work and responsibility for trainees in my team.

The partners and managers came to together to support me, not just with my workload but with my wellbeing, asking me daily how I was getting on and how they could help. It really impressed me how none of them let their seniority get in the way of being supportive colleagues.

I’ve always enjoyed helping and encouraging different colleagues myself, and BKL has given me the opportunity to enhance these skills by managing a team within the tax department.  I’ve been able to go on management training courses, like all the managers here.  Being a review manager to junior colleagues in my team, and helping them to flourish in their roles, is really rewarding.  I also support colleagues more widely as a member of BKL’s staff forum.

I like having the flexibility to work from home when I need to, but it’s great to be at BKL too. You can definitely be your own person here.  There are so many different opportunities to make contributions that aren’t related to tax work. It’s refreshing, stimulating and helps us to interact as one big team.

Support and progression

While my role is fulfilling, I’m also looking ahead. BKL help you to understand what you need to do to progress, but also  recognise your personal merits and encourage us not to lose them.

BKL don’t just want you to excel professionally. They also want you to embrace BKL life and what it has to offer.  You get the scope to learn, be yourself and have fun in a challenging way.


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