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Inclusion and diversity

What does inclusion mean to us? Understanding the potential every person at BKL has to make a difference; helping them change things for the better. We empower every team member to find their place and identify opportunities where they can help to move our firm forward. When different groups with different skills explore different challenges, our team grows and so does our business – which means our clients benefit as well.


One way to improve inclusion is to understand exclusion: the biases and preconceptions that stop us from knowing and appreciating each other. Our team explored this in our video for National Inclusion Week 2020.

What does diversity mean to us? It may be represented by people, but it develops through their experiences and ideas. That’s why we welcome difference and work hard to include the distinct experiences and expertise that each person brings to BKL.

While we’re proud of our diversity, we recognise that we can do more. Our workforce consistently represents both our client communities and the areas in which we operate at all levels below Partner. At Partner level, we are overly represented in terms of specific ages, backgrounds and ethnicity. We are committed to building a more diverse senior team that represents the society we live in. We have active training and development programmes to help address this.

The more diverse and inclusive we are, the better we become. We’re proud to be working with Inclusive Employers to make sure that whatever our people’s backgrounds, they feel a sense of belonging and a desire to get involved in the life of BKL.


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