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David Whiscombe

Partner, Tax Technical

T   +44 (0)20 8922 9306

Voice of experience

David has notched up 40 years as a tax professional. He spent a dozen years as an HMRC Tax Inspector and a period as an Associate Director of a specialist tax consultancy.

In 1991 he was lured away by the blandishments of a small four-partner firm in North London which had visionary (and persuasive) partners and unlimited ambition. That firm was Berg Kaprow Hay. A merger or two and a lot of hard work later, BKL’s tax practice now has a regional and national reputation which more than matches those dreams of 1991.

Along the way, David has contrived to accumulate a Fellowship of the Chartered Institute of Taxation and a Diploma in Law as well as qualifying as a barrister (though he is obliged to emphasise that he does not practise as such).

In 2016, David’s role within the firm changed when he withdrew from most direct contact with clients and moved into a research and support role. He acts as the firm’s tax technical mentor in spotting opportunities and in giving consultancy support on the knottiest of tax problems, both to the growing team of tax specialists and partners at BKL and to other tax professionals who seek his advice on a consultancy basis.

Where necessary, David relishes taking on HMRC at First-tier Tribunal.  And he is increasingly undertaking expert witness and litigation support work.

He deals principally with the affairs of owner-managed businesses and:

  • Taxation of trading and professional profits
  • Property businesses
  • Partnerships
  • Capital gains tax
  • Taxation of directors, employees and shareholders

Author and speaker

David contributes articles to the professional press from time to time. He has also written the odd textbook: the latest, Partnership Taxation 2017/18 for Bloomsbury Professional, was published in late 2017.

David is the principal author of BKL’s highly regarded tax bulletins (BrassTax) and lectures periodically for professionals including regional branches of the Chartered Institute of Taxation.

Other news

David lives in Buckinghamshire where his weekly performance on the organ at his local village church is a constant reminder that enthusiasm trumps ability every time. Two of his children having married (not each other, obviously), just one daughter remains available. Applicants should send photo and recent bank statement.