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Cheering when they’ve won: tax avoidance in 2017

There’s a line in the Flanders and Swann “Song of Patriotic Prejudice” which complains of foreigners that “They argue with…

David Whiscombe August 2017

Dramatic rise in recruitment of ‘driven’ non-graduates

As A-level results were opened across the country last week, we analysed our recruitment data and found that the number…

Jon Wedge August 2017

Internships at BKL

What do you get out of being an intern at BKL? Let’s ask someone who knows first-hand. Lewis Dunn joined…

Readers’ forum: Tangled trust

Writing for Taxation magazine, BKL tax adviser Terry Jordan offers advice on withdrawals from, payments into and the transfer of…

Terry Jordan August 2017

Making Tax Digital: more time to prepare for HMRC’s changes

The machinery of the UK tax system is going to change. Although there will be no change in the underlying…

Jason Appel August 2017

Supreme Court rules employment tribunal fees are unlawful

Since 2013, employees have had to pay a fee of up to £1,200 to take their employer to a tribunal. …

Marjorie Hurwitz Bremner July 2017

Fowle play? Disputed inheritance claims

Testamentary freedom has long been an established part of the English legal system.  Unlike countries such as France and Spain…

Geraint Jones July 2017

Charity Commission reversal

We updated you last week about a new requirement to declare overseas income in the Charity Annual Return. As we outlined,…

Ian Saunderson July 2017

Readers’ forum: Trust taxation

Writing for Taxation magazine, BKL tax adviser Terry Jordan offers advice on settlor life interest discretionary trusts.   I have…

Terry Jordan July 2017

Back to square one: budget tax changes

The UK government has announced that the tax changes announced in the pre-election budget in March, and subsequently dropped from the…

Andrew Levene July 2017