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Autumn Budget 2017: less taxing than some were expecting

The middle classes across Britain will have heaved a collective sigh of relief when Philip Hammond finally sat down at…

Geraint Jones November 2017

Autumn Budget 2017: summary

When Chancellor Philip Hammond stepped up to the despatch box, he would have been acutely aware of the pressure he…

Anthony Newgrosh November 2017

Why the axe keeps hovering over Entrepreneurs’ Relief

BKL tax partner David Whiscombe discusses Entrepreneurs’ Relief, why it might be in line for further changes and how it…

David Whiscombe November 2017

Lorimer Letter: your tool for reclaiming National Insurance

If you’re in one of the film & TV grades listed by HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) as truly self-employed,…

Steven Hocking-Robinson November 2017

Farming and landowning: beating the Brexit blues

Farming in the UK faces an uncertain future as Britain leaves the EU, but there are ways to future-proof. The…

Richard Crane November 2017

Employment Law Bulletin: November 2017

With sexual harassment so much in the news, this is a good opportunity for employers to make sure that they…

Marjorie Hurwitz Bremner November 2017

Readers’ forum: Discounted gift trust

Is a property transfer before a discounted gift trust beneficial tax planning? BKL tax adviser Terry Jordan has answered this…

Terry Jordan October 2017

This is Money: tax and bitcoins advice

BKL tax partner Geraint Jones has answered a query for This is Money on cryptocurrencies and the tax implications of…

Geraint Jones October 2017

R&D costs: the tax perspective

In our recent article on capitalising research and development (R&D) costs, we mentioned the importance of considering the tax implications….

Dominic Anthony October 2017

Tackling tax evasion: the new corporate offences

To prevent the criminal facilitation of tax evasion, two new corporate criminal offences were introduced on 30 September this year…

Myfanwy Neville October 2017