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R&D costs: why capital counts

If research and development (R&D) are part of your work, especially in the tech and digital sector, you may be…

Dominic Anthony October 2017

Pro Finance interviews Jon Wedge

Pro Finance, part of the recruiters Pro Group, recently interviewed BKL partner Jon Wedge. Their questions included: What advice would you…

Jon Wedge October 2017

Employment Law Bulletin: October 2017

The unmistakable hints of Christmas that are appearing in shops are signalling that 2017 is nearing its close. With next…

Marjorie Hurwitz Bremner October 2017

Tax professionals’ wishlists for 2027

Writing for Taxation magazine’s 90th birthday issue, BKL tax adviser Terry Jordan reveals the improvement to the tax system which…

Terry Jordan October 2017

Planning for a property purchase at auction

After you’ve established your budget, found a potential property, and researched the legals, it’s just as important to consider the…

Myfanwy Neville October 2017

Auto enrolment: staging takes a back stage

From October, there’ll be an important change in pension schemes, in particular around auto enrolment, for UK employers to note….

Gary Silver September 2017

Tax incentives for Research and Development

Research and Development (R&D) tax credits were introduced by the British government in 2000. They can reduce your company’s tax…

Anthony Newgrosh September 2017

Readers’ forum: Home and studio

Writing for Taxation magazine, BKL tax adviser Terry Jordan answers a readers’ forum query on the availability of business property…

Terry Jordan September 2017

Property fraud: how not to be properly fraught

When you’ve spent years saving to purchase property, it can be extremely stressful to find yourself the victim of fraud….

Geraint Jones September 2017

Funding tech start-ups: impact of Brexit

The UK leads Europe in the creation of unicorns. When a phrase like this appears in a government news report,…

Dominic Anthony September 2017