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Video: BKL Autumn Budget 2017 Business Tax Update

Anthony Newgrosh, Partner and Head of Business Tax at BKL, discusses key tax changes announced in the Autumn Budget 2017….

Anthony Newgrosh December 2017

Video: BKL Autumn Budget 2017 Property Update

Myfanwy Neville, Partner and Head of Property at BKL, gives her take on how the Autumn Budget 2017 announcements will…

Myfanwy Neville December 2017

Video: BKL Autumn Budget 2017 Technology and Digital Update

Dominic Anthony, Partner and Head of Technology and Digital at BKL, explains how announcements in the Autumn Budget 2017 will…

Dominic Anthony December 2017

Property update: Autumn Budget 2017

Property update: Breaking down the Budget – Autumn Budget 2017 and the property market Following the Autumn Budget, we held…

Myfanwy Neville December 2017

Readers’ forum: In a corner

A property share was gifted, but should the previous owner have paid rent? BKL tax adviser Terry Jordan answers this…

Terry Jordan December 2017

Autumn Budget 2017: five key points

How did the recent Budget affect people and businesses? Our latest webinar explored the key tax policy announcements and outcomes….

Anthony Newgrosh December 2017

Spurs 2 HMRC 0: Tax on termination payments

We reported in June 2016 the First-tier Tribunal decision in HMRC v Tottenham Hotspur Ltd (“Spurs win something”).  The Upper…

David Whiscombe November 2017

Autumn Budget 2017 webinar

Following the Autumn Budget, our tax specialists convened to share their perspectives on the Chancellor’s announcements. We discussed how the…

Anthony Newgrosh November 2017

Readers’ forum: Concluding a trust

Writing for Taxation magazine’s readers’ forum, BKL tax adviser Terry Jordan answers a query on the trust tax implications of…

Terry Jordan November 2017

Autumn Budget 2017: period drama or zombie apocalypse?

BKL tax partner Geraint Jones is among the leading tax practitioners who have given their views on the Autumn Budget to…

Geraint Jones November 2017